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Like most other industries, the home painting industry has evolved to a great extent. With years of research, interior painting industry in Officer has been able to develop eco-friendly paints to uphold environmental equilibrium and contribute its part in protecting our planet. Homeowners have also changed their liking and opt for sustainable paint solutions for the same reasons; besides, they aren’t harmful nor exhibit adverse impacts of the normal paints. Eco-friendly paints are a much better option.

Why Are Eco-Friendly Interior Painting Getting More popularity?

Regular paints that are applied contain high VOC’s that can harm the environment, as well as, add to indoor air pollution and carry potential health hazards such as allergies, respiratory troubles, asthma and lung problems. Eco-friendly paints have witnessed a steep rise in demand lately, which can be attributed to their low-chemical solvents and nil health risks. Industries that are highly exposed to pollution would need to consider an Eco-friendly paint option.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Interior Painting

  • Low VOC Content

Ordinary paint carries high VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) content and they add substantially to the environmental pollution particularly when they are made in factories. VOC is a dangerous substance and leaves behind chemical waste that can’t be recycled. Eco-friendly paints contain natural components and nil to negligible VOC content that causes less harm and helps in upholding environmental equilibrium.

  • Naturally Made Paints

Eco-friendly paints are natural and largely made from lemon extracts, bee wax, etc., which have made them the favourite choice of homeowners. They don’t lead to any harmful discharge during the manufacturing process or at the time of application at home, so they are fully safe.

  • No Impact on the Environment

Considerable developments have been made to Eco-friendly paints in recent years and their availability in a huge range of shades has made them the favourites of commercial and residential clients nowadays. Eco-friendly paints are usually water-based and so have nil carbon footprints. Besides, these sustainable paints comprise organic compounds that are biodegradable and don’t cause any threat to the environment.

  • Effortless to Apply & Maintain

Eco-friendly paints are available in an array of shade options, has enhanced colour retention properties, present negligible abrasion – all of these make them a highly-desired choice for many clients. Compared to ordinary paints, Eco-friendly paints are effortless to apply and maintain, as well as curtails environmental impact.

  • Eco-Friendly Interior Paint Alternative

Green paints may seem expensive initially. But it is safe for your health when applied to your property and environmentally friendly too. All these make Eco-friendly interior painting complete value for your money.

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