How Does Lights Affect House Painting Coulors in Mount Eliza?

house painting Mount Eliza

It can get quite overwhelming to get your house painting in Mount Eliza done with a very specific interior painting colour as the colour might look not so impressive in the night. This can certainly make your house look extremely different after sunset than it would during the day. This is because you chose a mismatching interior paint hue to go with the lighting in your home. Therefore, you need to understand that the colour of an object may not look the same 24 hours a day.

There Are 2 Primary Reasons Behind The Interior Colours Look Different

Coloured objects absorb light in a very specific manner. For example, objects that are black would absorb all colours while white would absorb no light at all and reflect it all back.

How the light source works also plays a role. Natural light and artificial light can bring extremely stark differences when it comes to how your paint looks and also how the interior of your house looks in general. Natural light changes throughout the day especially based on the amount of light that your room allows. Artificial light on the other hand, can be managed based on the kind of bulbs you are using.

Here Is How Sunlight Affects the House Painting Colours in Mount Eliza

The way sunlight affects your room is based on the number of windows in your room, and which direction your rooms face.

  • For North Facing Rooms

The light will constantly be cool and bluish, which is why it is recommended to use bolder shades instead of muted on Strong colours will stand out in this kind of lighting.

  • For South-Facing Rooms

When it comes to south facing rooms, dark shades will end up looking brighter, while lighter colours will glow. These kinds of rooms bring out the best in cool and warm colours which means subdued colours are the best option for South facing rooms.

  • For East Facing Rooms

East facing rooms are the ones that see a large amount of light during the daytime and slowly lessening light during the afternoons. These rooms are ideal for vibrant colours like yellow, orange and red.

  • For West Facing Rooms

West facing rooms are subject to a very mild amount of light and the bulk of the sunlight that comes into these rooms is that of a setting sun. So, the lights in these rooms would generally be warm and pleasant. While the morning light would be scant for rooms like these, subdued colours are the best option.

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